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Promoting  Jamaican Dancehall Culture in Berlin

what we do

Nieka OG Dancehall Workshop

Workshops & Dance Classes

Book your spot now for the upcoming Workshop with Nieka OG in Berlin!

Booking Agency

We promote and manage professional Europe Tours of popular Jamaican dancers offering shows, workshops, judging work and lectures since 2013. To book a dancer of our current tour plan please feel free to contact us.

We Love Dancehall Party

Until 2020 we used to organise your favorite Dancehall Party We Love Dancehall at Club Gretchen in Berlin. Always bringing you the best DJs playing Dancehall, Afrobeats & Hip Hop, as well as international guest dancers to heat up the dance floor.

CDC Festival

As MINCE e.V. part of our team organises the CDC Festival. It is Germanys biggest afrodiasporic dance festival and will take place again in Berlin in 2023. CDC Festival includes workshops, show contests, battles, parties, reflection sessions, conference, vernissage and exciting surprises!

“Dancehall ting now is a world to itself.
Nobody can explain the dancehall.
You just have to come and experience it.”

(Ricky Trooper)

About Top Up Production

Our mission is to promote and endorse Jamaican popular culture in Berlin, Germany and Europe.

Working in close collaboration with Jamaican artists and companies TopUp Production offers the opportunity to learn Jamaican culture from its original founders and practicioners.

We want to enhance cultural exchange between the Caribbean and Europe from a self-critical perspective of questioning colonial continuities.

TopUp Production