Top up

Promoters and Ambassadors of Jamaican Dancehall Culture in Berlin

what we do

Swaggi Maggi Dancehall Class

Dance classes & Workshops

Every Wednesday you can learn to dance Dancehall with Swaggi Maggi at TopUp Dancehall Class in Berlin. We also host Dancehall workshop events in our hometown held by internationally renown teachers.

TopUp Jamaica Trip

Top Up Jamaica Trip

We organise exciting dancehall trips to Jamaica twice a year since 2014. Join us on an unforgettable journey to the roots of Jamaican popular culture. Get information about eventual upcoming trips in 2019!

TopUp Dancehall Camp

Top Up Dancehall Camp & CDC Festival

Since 2014 our yearly held Dancehall Camp in Berlin, Germany has experienced continuous growth and pouplarity all over Europe. It includes workshops, lectures, parties, battles and a show contest. We rebranded the event in 2019 to CDC Festival. Look out for the next edition in 2020!

Shelly Xpressionz Europe Tour 2019

Booking Agency

We promote and implement professional Europe Tours of popular Jamaican dancers offering shows, workshops, judging work and lectures since 2013. To book a dancer of our current tour plan please feel free to contact us.

“Dancehall ting now is a world to itself.
Nobody can explain the dancehall.
You just have to come and experience it.”

(Ricky Trooper)

About Top Up Production

Our mission is to promote and endorse Jamaican popular culture in Berlin, Germany and Europe.

Working in close collaboration with Jamaican artists and companies TopUp Production offers the opportunity to learn and experience authentic Jamaican culture from its original founders and practicioners.

We want to enhance cultural exchange and understanding between the Caribbean and the Western culture and wish that both sides can learn from each other and thus, enrich their way of living, thinking and creating art.

TopUp Production